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Hair Stylists vs Hairdressers: Do you know the difference?

I have often wondered whether why some people are labelled as Stylists and some are known as Hairdressers. Knowing if there really is a difference between the two and whether they actually do different jobs has intrigued me for a while...

Day Cream vs Night Cream: Do you know the difference?

Most of us know keeping skin moisturized helps keep skin hydrated and ward of some of signs of aging. I wanted to find out about using day creams and night creams to see whether they could help keep my skin moisturized.

Rebonding vs Straightening: Do you know the difference?

Hair straightening and rebonding are popular amongst people with unmanageable, frizzy or curly hair and uses a number of techniques to get the hair straight. Finding out which technique is better, lasts longer and has minimal side effects is an important first step.

Nail lacquer vs Nail Polish: What's the differences?

There are a lot of terms used to describe nail products and sometimes this can become confusing. So, I decided to do some research on nail lacquer and nail varnish to try to find out the differences, if any.

Cleanser vs Toner: Do you know the difference?

Looking after your skin is important and we are told using facial cleansers and toners is an important way to do this. Finding out which one is better for the skin is an important first step in deciding which one to choose.

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